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Play Doh Mats!

$ 40.00

Play Dough Mats! is the perfect resource for tiny fingers. These mats have a variety of activities to keep early learners busy!

Whether it’s forming letters, numbers or making something yummy; these mats will keep learners engaged for a long time!

Laminate the mats of your choice for durability. Have you done that yet? Good!

Now…your students are on their way!

Miss. D’s Classroom wants you to know what’s included:
• 26 Letter Maker Mats
• CVC Word Maker Mats
• 10 Cookie Maker Mats
• 10 Bubble Maker Mats
• 10 Cocoa Maker Mats
• 20 Number Maker Mats
• 43 Picture Maker Mats



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