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I love teaching English to these age groups. I use an interactive style of teaching to engage students in the learning process and have fun at the same time.  Students find joy in showing you what they learned during a session without even realizing they’re explaining the concept to you!

Why Did I Join These Age Groups?

I’m often asked this; let me explain. The concepts from both groups build on each other. By combining classes, students are able to work together which encourages a more interactive session as they learn from each other.

Who Knew Learning Could Be This Much Fun!

A session filled with hands-on learning, games for reinforcement and more, all coonected to concepts in Vocabulary, Composition and Comprehension! Worksheets created by myself are also given for reinforcement. By doing this, I can focus on the concepts that gave a bit more trouble to understand.

Check out the gallery to see videos and pictures from sessions! If you’re confused by the amount of fun we’re having…then I’ve done my job!


  • Years Old 7 - 9
  • Class Size 5
  • Class Duration 40 minutes
  • English Only
  • Remediation & Tutoring All Students
  • Workbooks & Worksheets Included
$30+ per minutes
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