Virtual Infants A & B Combined Program

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One session, lots of skills!

Are you looking for one session that works on both skills? Then look no further! Sometimes, students can comfortably work on concepts from both subject areas in order to achieve success. It has also been proven that a shortened time to introduce new concepts is more effective.

Math and English made easy!

I use an interactive style of teaching as this encourages students to engage in the process and have fun at the same time. All English concepts, from Nouns to Homophones and all Mathematics concepts, from Addition to Place Value are stored safely in their virtual notebook for later reference. Students find joy in showing you what they learned during a session and do not even realize they’re explaining the concept to you! Most concepts are taught using painting, activities and crafts, virtually! Though online, I manage to achieve the same goals using platforms that are child friendly and engaging. Worksheets and workbooks are provided for additional reinforcement if needed. And it never seems like work!

Students learn in a variety of ways and this program fosters academic development in ways you never thought of. I’ll be surprised if they want to leave. Students NEVER want to leave after these sessions.  
  • Years Old 5 - 7
  • Class Size 5
  • Class Duration 40 minutes
  • Math & English Included
  • Remediation & Tutoring All Students
  • Workbooks & Worksheets Included
$50+ per 40 minutes
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