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You’re moving up!

By now you may have guessed that I love working with young children. This age group encourages even more interaction and creativity. Most children this age learn through hands-on and visual experiences and this program provides plenty! Think project-based learning! Think games! Think art and craft! Even on a computer or device.

Students will love this program because it has a strong focus on learning through play. You may be saying that this age is too young for sessions but I disagree. Students do not develop at the same level as others and may need an extra push, especially with the Barbadian curriculum. When a program is hands-on like this one, you won’t have to worry about sessions being overwhelming. It also caters to all learners! Students from both programs participate in these sessions and have fun together.

And they’ll never know they’re working!

Most concepts are taught using painting, activities and crafts! Though online, I manage to achieve the same goals using platforms that are child friendly and engaging. Worksheets and workbooks are provided for additional reinforcement if needed. And it never seems like work!

Students learn in a variety of ways and this program fosters academic development in ways you never thought of. I’ll be surprised if they want to leave. Students NEVER want to leave after these sessions.  
  • Years Old 5 - 6
  • Class Size 5
  • Class Duration 40 minutes
  • Math & English Critical Skills Included
  • Remediation & Tutoring All Students
  • Workbooks & Worksheets Included
$40 per 40 minutes
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