Intervention Programs

I engage children using a multi-sensory approach to learning which benefits those with special education needs such as Autism, AD/HD, Down Syndrome and more. I also use DIR Floortime in my practice and incorporate classroom services where necessary.

Remedial Programs

These programs use a multi-sensory approach to learning, benefitting those with learning disorders such as Dyslexia or AD/HD as well as those who have not been specified as having a special education need but may fit into the criteria of remediation based on academic, social, behavioural or speech difficulties.

Tutoring Programs

Offered to those who do not have special education needs but require additional assistance in various subject areas, specifically Mathematics, English and Reading.

Psychological Services

As a psychologist, I offer Consultations to persons interested in their child’s development or wish to determine if the child has a learning disorder. I also offer services to schools in the form of Educational Assessments, IEP Case Management and as a Resource Teacher for students with needs. I make life easier for students; I enjoy doing this everyday!

Psychoeducational Testing

Testing in a range of areas from Reading Disorders to AD/HD. Some assessments pinpoint the reading age of the child and the problem areas they are facing whereas others are able to offer a diagnosis.

Online Services

I offer Consultations, Psychoeducational Testing and PsycEd sessions via an online platform. Sometimes face-to-face interaction may not always be possible. Telehealth has made it easier!


A workshop with a twist. I offer my expertise in Special Education to teachers, parents and organizations who wish to educate themselves in this area. Whether its learning how to create materials for students or being informed about varying disorders, my INFOshops are the place to start.

The Rainbow Psychological & Educational Centre offers many programs grouped under three services for children ages three and continuing to adolescence. All programs cater to those with and without special education needs and encourage hands-on learning which provide a range of educational experiences for any student.

$100+ per session

Remediation Program I

This program is suited for those with special education needs such as ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome and more.

Sessions may be conducted within the classroom setting at the child’s school or at the Centre.Contact The Rainbow Psychological & Educational Centre for more details with regards to pricing as each area has various components. I will be more than happy to guide you in your choice!
$40+ per session

Remediation Program II

Currently, the subjects offered are Mathematics, English and Reading. Everyone must have an opportunity to learn!

These programs benefit those with learning disorders such as Dyslexia as well as those who have not been specified as having a special education need but may fit into the criteria of remediation. It is also an option for parents who do not wish for a full Remediation I Program.
$30+ per session

Tutoring Program

Provides assistance to those who need additional help with classroom tasks in a fun and interactive way!

Sometimes you don’t get it right away! The Tutoring Programs help you pick up where you left off…or never reached. Whether it’s Mathematics, English or Reading, I’ll combine fun with learning in order to make sure concepts are mastered. Click below and choose which program suits your child.
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