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I also teach Reading to students in Infants to Class 4. Reading is a subject that takes time. I enjoy teaching children to read as it allows me to use a range of strategies based on the problem area. This year marks my 13th year working with children of all ages, eight of those years have been dedicated to offering specialized services. Most of my students have varying learning differences such as Autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and Down Syndrome to name a few. Of these, Dyslexia is personal to me. It is because of this disorder that I am on this journey! I vowed that parents and teachers would have a better understanding of each disorder and be able to identify and understand the uniqueness of their student and child. I am enjoying every moment of it. Work? What work?

Hey there! I’m Rhea N. Dalrymple, owner of The Rainbow Psychological & Educational Centre! Some of my students call me Miss D. because my last name, “Dalrymple” is reallllllllllly long. So they say! Plus, it’s cooler. I am a Registered Educational Psychologist who holds a Master of Education in Educational Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am also certified in Child Care & Nursery Management, Special Education,  The Teaching of Reading and DIRFloortime.  As a psychologist, most of the work done by myself is with young children ranging from ages 3 – 11 and also young adults in different educational contexts. I’ve mainly worked within a school alongside students with Autism and Down Syndrome. The experiences I gain from working in the field is nothing compared to a session.

Educating Children
Igniting A Brighter Future
A Wonderful Environment Where Children Can Learn And Grow.

When you enter a session room the first thing you will notice are the colours! The charts on the walls, the resources in the room. Your child will not want to leave! It happens! Both rooms are very stimulating and can be modified based on the students’ sensory needs. My aim is to create a room which provides opportunities for students to create, work and have fun at the same time. Take a look!

A session at The Rainbow Psychological & Educational Centre is like no other. Every session is a new experience; whether in my Remediation Programs, or my Tutoring Programs. And! If students can’t get enough…I sometimes offer a range of programs during Easter, Summer and Christmas breaks in case they need a little extra. From Pre-K to young adult, there will be one program that catches your attention! The Rainbow Psychological & Educational Centre focuses on…

Fun and Interaction
Inclusive Education
1:1 Instruction
Peer Relationsips
Quality Sessions
Quality Work
Arts And Craft
I am a professional. Though my line of work allows me to teach and be directly in the classroom setting, I am a psychologist first. I apply different psychological knowledge and skills at an individual or group level in order to reach a desired outcome. I work collaboratively with teachers, principals, speech therapists, behaviour therapists and occupational therapists in order to help students achieve their relevant goals. This collaborative effort is in the benefit of the child as all individuals have his or her interest at heart!

I believe in innovation. Change can be good. The idea is that they grasp the concept in an environment which suits them; not you or me. I am constantly updating resources and changing rooms around to suit their many needs. Maybe they prefer to use sand when learning…or water even? These different materials and textures encourage those with sensory needs to respond to what is in front of them. By having all of these resources in the child’s reach, they are not limited and are free to engage how they wish, through my guidance.

It Means A Lot
To Parents and Guardians
when the child succeeds!

Especially when success seemed far-fetched.
I love when students tell me the marks on a report card after sessions with me have been completed. I love to see the look on a parent’s face when they see improvement; regardless of how minor. Can you imagine your child leaving ten times better than when they first started? I can. This is what I do.